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Written by on December 4, 2020

We’re all different and we all run under a different set of programs. How we think about money, family, love or just life depends on numerous factors that are engraved not only in our mind but deep in our energies.

Give 2 people the same list of customers, the same product sold at the same price with the same marketing and the same budget, they will not get the same results. Why? Because their inner programs, their energies are different.

For over 7,000 years, the YiJing has been developed as a science based on the fine observation of interactions. In order to map them, it used the relative position of the sun, the moon and the person as a marker. This tedious observation brought the system to light. It allowed men to understand exactly the chain of cause and effect in such a precise way that they could read someone’s life, from birth to death, based on their coordinate on that energetic map.

With your date, time and place of birth, you can read your past and your future.

But the YiJing was not designed to be a mere tool of reading destiny. That could be very frustrating. The YiJing was designed to help people better understand their energies to build the life they want in harmony with who they are.

By learning the YiJing, you not only discover your destiny, you also learn how to get the best out of it by choosing the right career, working with perfect timing, finding the right people and enjoying inner peace.


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