Quick Tip: Understanding the YiJing

Written by on December 4, 2020

The YiJing has been developed for over 7,000 years. It was created at a time where computers did not exist and in a cultural environment that is totally different from where the western civilization stand today.

Therefore, nobody can understand the YiJing to its full extend without first understanding the underlying cultural foundation that makes it logical.

The YiJing was initially the analysis of only Yin and Yang. The extremely high level of complexity of this system lead to a first reading tool about 3,000 years ago built around 5 elements. The elements are to be understood as an allegoric representation of interactions instead of what they are actually called. It was a way to make the human mind capable of creating a visual and logical representation of interactions and balance.

The YiJing later (about 2,300 years ago) integrated the hexagram system. It’s made of 64 hexagrams that describe any situation to give the questioner answers and insight about a situation they’re inquiring about. The underlying principle is that each instant is a balance of Yin and Yang in everything in the world. So when one throws coins or uses achillea sticks, the results are part of the absolute balance as well as the question itself. There is no divination here, simply a reading of trends based on the absolute energetic print of the moment. (That’s when you should start having a headache).

I, myself, am a very analytical and rational man who has been introduced to the YiJing for over 10 years. In the early years of my discovery I was always stunned by the accuracy of the readings. What we do now at YiJing International is explain why it works, how it works and most importantly how it can be used in various area of your life.


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