Quick Tip: Yin and Yang

Written by on December 4, 2020

Yin and Yang are the most ancient elements of the YiJing. They were the original way of reading the world with the YiJing.

Yin and Yang are often described as the opposites but this is a wrong understanding that is common in western cultures that think is a binary way (right or wrong, black or white). Yin and Yang are actually interdependent and balanced. They can only exist with, within and from one another. Yin can’t exist without Yang, is created by Yang and comes from Yang. Yang can’t exist without Yin, is created by Yin and comes from Yin.

The world exists through the permanent balance of Yin and Yang that seeks and brings harmony.

Yin and Yang can’t be described as 1 and 0. They are 1, 0 and both 1 and 0 simultaneously. It’s interesting to notice that the recent progress made in Quantum Science use that very same model to reach new levels of scientific understanding.

Every situation, event, person, thing can be described in Yin and Yang. All interactions are the result of Yin and Yang. Therefore, by having the absolute knowledge of Yin and Yang, one can read his life ore anyone else’s by computing Yin and Yang.

This computing exercise is so complex that no mind and no supercomputer can produce results, especially knowing that every instant has a new balance and constantly changes. So even if it’s intellectually possible to analyze the whole world, it is technically impossible without an analytic system.

This is why the YiJing is. It was developed as a set of tools to read the Yin and Yang and use this information to bring harmony


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